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Frequently asked questions:
  1. How do I correct information in my profile?

  2. To correct information in your profile, click on any " Manager" link from site menus. This will launch a new page with various options for editing different portions of your profile. For example, clicking on "Edit Physical stats" will load a page with the information you currently have on file. Simply correct your information and submit the form to save your changes.

  3. I don't remember my username or my password. What should I do?

  4. If you registered with a legitimate email address your username and password can be sent to you. Just click on any "Lost password" link you find and enter the email address you registered. Your username and password will be sent as long as the email address you enter is found in your files. You cannot enter a different email address from the one that you registered.

  5. I received an email saying I had a message but when I checked my mailbox there was no message there.
  6. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

    • The person who sent the message cancelled their account or the admin removed their account for sending spam or other violation.
    • The system experienced technical difficulty during the data transmission process and the message was not saved to your mailbox
    • Someone sent spoof emails as a prank or for other purpose

  7. I don't want people rating my profile. What can I do to prevent my profile from being rated?

  8. If you are currently logged in click here and uncheck where it says:
    Allow my profile to be rated by other members.

    If you are not logged in, log in and click on the "Preferences" link on the left of your screen under "My Manager", then uncheck the same as above.

  9. Everytime after I log in and click on a click I get sent back to the login screen.

  10. You might need to enable cookies in your internet settings. This could be an indication that that your session information does not get saved after you login so the system isn't able to check that you're already logged in. Cookies must be enabled in your internet options settings to fix this problem.

  11. How long does it take after I pay my subscription fee for you to upgrade my membership?

  12. Usually it will take from a few minutes to a few hours; but sometimes, especially if you pay your subscription fee over the weekend, it can take up to 72 hours.

  13. Can I inlcude information like my email address and instant messenger ID's, or my personal website URL in my profile?

  14. Yes, you can include your email address and instant messenger ID's or your personal website URL in your profile; but the only way this information can be viewed by another member is if both you and the other member are premium subscribers.

  15. If I am not a premium susbscriber but someone viewing my profile is a premium subscriber, can they see my email, my instant messenger ID's and my personal website URL in my profile?

  16. No. In order for any member to view your email address and instant messenger ID's, or another website address you put in your profile, you also have to be a premium subscriber.

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