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Interracial Dating Game: How many words can you make?
Sunday, November 12, 2006
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For lack of something better to do, here are all the words I can make using the letters in the phrase "interracial dating game". Yes, I am that bored on a Sunday evening.

Interracial Dating Game

In, it, at, gin, ledge, ram, car, tar, tad, rat, tin, ten, mad, made, dig, drag,lag, liar, retire, meat, team, tag, lag, aid, aide, great, net, nit, mar, gal, mace, race, real, reel, deal, date, dating, interracial, game, lace, ace, ate, eat, tea,lead, leer, teal, eel, meal, lame, tame, dame, let, lad, late, mate, interim, inter, retain, train, tear, rear, cried, tried, trial, trail, tread, tad, attain, meeting, rating, mating, trim, girl, arid, drain, grid, grain, rain, air, dial, redial, cat, retire, intern, tire, mire, edge, gate, rate, rite, mite, read, red, reed, greed, ice, iced, dice, rice, mice, mint, tint, glint, relent, tent, dent, dine, mine, tine, clad, glad, din, digit, racial, trace, dirt, rail, amid, lice, grace, art, dart, cling, ring, grim, lair, later, greater, retina, attend, meander, meaner, meant, dream, dreamer, cream, creamier, redact, act, tract, ailing, trailing, training...

I'm missing tons of course. Feel free to share words I've missed by clicking on "Add Comment" and writing your words that don't already appear in the list.

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