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Neo-Nazi skinhead in love with a Black woman?
Thursday, September 28, 2006
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"They say opposites attract. What about a misguided racist who falls for a Black woman in a mental institution? What starts out as an impossible connection of opposites slowly turns into a wild, emotional story of love, romance, and disillusionment revolving around two people who shouldn't be together, but after meeting them you'll know they should never be apart."

Starring Jeremy Renner, Gabrielle Union, Sally Kirkland, Cary Elwes, Ethan Suplee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Steve Railsback and Robert Peters. Directed by Van Fischer. Written by Tim Boughn. Produced by Mark Borman, Valerie McCaffrey and David E. Allen

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From "Film Threat"

A gem of a film that explores race relations, genetic fate and the allure of family, Neo Ned is a quality feat of filmmaking. Take a basic premise of two people falling love, add that they both met in a mental institution and then further mix it up by making one a white racist skinhead and the other an African American woman who thinks sheís channeling the soul of Hitler, and youíve got one Hell of a film. The kind of film that could really go south quick if any aspect is lacking.

Luckily, thatís not the case. The acting is top-notch, as Jeremy Rennerís skinhead Ned is played less with the stereotypical hateful racist sneer and more with the ADHD charm of someone who joined a club just to be a part of something and doesnít really comprehend whatís right or wrong with that choice. Only when forced to come to grips with his romantic feelings towards his supposed enemy, Gabrielle Unionís Rachael, does he finally begin to question his life. And holding up the other end of the film is Gabrielle Unionís performance. Unionís Rachael has finally let the cracks show, and when it has overwhelmed her to the point of convincing her that Hitlerís hanging out inside her body, you canít help but feel for her. At the same time, the strength it takes for her to move forward and eventually make the ultimate decision she has to make is uncommon in a character seemingly so vulnerable.

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