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Myths and Realities of Interracial Relationships
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
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Here is an short 5 minute clip featuring two college students discussing Interracial relationships. One subject briefly touched on in the clip is that of how people tend to interact with each other based on stereotypes. It reminds me of a blog posted by another member under "The Princess Syndrome", specifically of the point the writer was trying to make about how Black men tend to modify their behavior when they are approaching non-Black women. The member commented that "Black men know that to get with a White woman they have to act decent. They don't really care how they act with Black women".

I'm not so sure I would go that far as to say that Black men don't care how they act with Black women; but I can agree that people often make assumptions about other people based on stereotypes. Still, how you present yourself would seem to have a greater impact on how people approach and react to you I would think.

Towards the end of the clip a young woman tells a story about her encounter with a guy who, when he thought she was Latina, approached her with an attitude of agression, but when he learned that she was Chinese and White, softened his approach and became less agressive and more gentlemanlike as he tried to talk her into going out with him.

It seems to me that when a man approaches a woman, whether it's a Black man approaching a White woman, a White man approaching a Black woman, a Black man approaching a Black woman, a White man approaching a White woman, or any other man approaching any other woman, the man's own personality and his overall attitude towards women will play a bigger part in determining his approach. Some men, particularly Black men, do modify their approach based on the race of the woman, but I wonder if in those cases it is not more about the Black man being careful to avoid portraying himself in the stereotypical fashion knowing how negatively Black men are viewed in society?

Here is the video. Please share your thoughts.

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