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Black man tires of bickering black woman, dates White
Thursday, August 31, 2006
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I've just seen this clip on youtube. I found it extremely interesting although I believe it is another example of how Black women are stereotyped and generalized. I can certainly appreciate the point that is being made by the "tired black man"; however the implication that all Black women drain the life and soul out of their Black man is unfortunate. I believe that for every bickering Black woman there is the equivalent bickering White woman. If that were not the case White men would not complain of the same frustrations that the Black man in the clip complains about. Bickering is not a Black woman trait. Some women bicker and carry on. Some don't and it has nothing to do with being Black or White.

I think when we write books and make movies and try to get a message across to a large audience we need to be very careful of the manner in which we go about it.

I don't think it is very fair for all black women to be classified as women who don't want to work, want a man to take care of them, sit around in their home with the girlfriends throwing around the N-word. Not all Black women, or Black men for that matter come from the same background. Note that the husband is well spoken, while the ex-wife and her friends speak in the manner typically portrayed as being reflective of Black American culture. The writers are careful to make the husband say that all he wants is peace and that he doesn't care in what race of woman he finds that peace. There is nothing at all wrong with that sentiment. However, it doesn't soften the very powerful message that Black women are all angry women who cannot allow a man to live his life in peace; nor can it take away from the suggestion that the reason black women can't find men is because they have attitudes that men cannot abide.

Here is the clip. Press the arrow to start playing it and please feel free to post your comments:

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