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Are white men only interested in eurocentric black women?
Saturday, August 12, 2006
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Photo above is supermodel Alek Wek

Someone posted the following comment to another member's blog:

"I find that most white men are looking for a eurocentric black woman...long hair, not too curvy body, things along those lines. And for the women that do not fall into that, they are used for other things to get the person through until they find that "right" type of black woman..."

It is interesting because I've been recently thinking along the same lines. I am not going to suggest that being a Black woman means any one thing or another, but certainly, being a Black woman usually means having coarse, wooly hair. Even if a woman's hair is straightened it doesn't change the reality that in its natural state her hair is "different" from what a White man is accostomed to. **Note I have allowed for the exceptions, but we are talking in general here, and in general, Black women do not have fine, straight hair. So it seems to me that to truly find a Black woman attractive, you have to be appreciative of everything that makes her different, and that includes her unique hair.

But in my experience my natural hair has always been the one part of me that has not been enthusiastically received. And I have indeed found that I receive more attention when I hide my natural mop underneath a Euro-styled wig. Suddenly I am closer to Halle on the scale whereas with my nautral hair I was closer to Whoopi (no offense to Whoopi Goldberg)

There is definitely a tendency in many White men to look for Black women who are less African and more European in appearance. I'm inclined to think that if Iman, for example, had looked more like Alek Wek (Alek Wek is a beautiful model from Sudan who has more African than European features) David Bowie might not have been so smittened. Iman is an excellent example of a Black woman with European features. I once read a quote somewhere that Iman looks like a white woman dipped in chocolate. Another excellent example of a Black woman with European features is Liya Kebede, hailed one of the most beautiful Black supermodels in history.
ImanLiya Kebede
ImanLiya Kebede

In reality all men want beautiful women, and if you think about it, when Black women get classified as beautiful, it is usually the case that they look more European than African. Not very many Black women with African features get classified as beautiful. In the case of White men preferring Black women who are "eurocentric", it's really nothing more than a case of measuring beauty by European standards. They still want Barbie. They just want her skin to be dark but everything else the same, except perhaps her derriere. In that case they like to have a little bit (not too much) of her afro roots in the back.

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