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Why Interracial Dating will forever be a controversial subject
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
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Very simply, interracial dating will always be a controversial subject because racial hatred will always exist and the people who seek to date outside of their race will always be greatly outnumbered by the people who don't do it either because they are vehemently opposed to it, or because they feel no romantic curiosity about "other races" or temptation to date "other races".

If you are ever tempted to believe that people are more openminded nowadays and interracial dating is more widely accepted, just do a little research on the subject of racial hatred in the world at large and the blinders will fall off in no time. For every growth in the number of black men/white women couples and black women/white men couples, there's more than quadruple the number of new people who join hate groups every day. Racial hatred is growing at a faster rate than racial harmony. It's just that not as many people find the spreading of hate propaganda as objectionable as people who find interracial dating for example to be a big deal. So more people are talking about the impact that interracial dating has on society than are talking about the impact that racial hatred and the spreading of that venon has on society.

The kinds of things that people are thinking out there

A White girl who found out that the man she was dating did not come from a "White Pride" background and once had a sexual relationship with a Black girl posted the following to a message board: "I couldn't take any chances and risk having his interracial past negatively influence the biology of my future children."

Is it really better to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the harsh realities of racial hatred? Well, if you think about it, there's nothing you can do to convert people who thrive on their hateful thoughts and feelings, and the only result of listening to it and looking at it and reacting to it is that you yourself will be angry and filled with hate, which means there will be no real joy in your life except the dark pleasures you might feel contemplating and plotting hate crimes. If turning a deaf ear and a blind eye allows you to live a happier, more peaceful life, then do what you must to stay happy and at peace.

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