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Interracial Dating -- Black men defend their choice
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
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"So what if I don't date Black women?" asks Kenny Wilkes, an Ohio Black male who only dates White females. "What's the big deal? How does my choice to date White women diminish a Black woman's worth? I've been attracted to White girls since I was a kid. It's nothing against Black females. It's not that I'm disrespecting them or rejecting them. My choice to date White women has nothing to do with Black women and hating Black women and thinking Black women aren't attractive or any of that. I'm like anybody else. I date what attracts me and White women have always attracted me so I date White women and I don't see why that should upset and offend anybody."

John from Chicago states, "Let's be honest about something. Black women don't value themselves and so they can't possibly value Black men. Black women have no resepct for Black men. If they had the guts to be honest about it, they would be quicker to give a White man respect than respect their own father. They don't feel like they're lucky to have a Black man, unless of course he's light-skinned and has "nice" hair. People don't talk about that a lot. They talk about how Black men prefer light-skinned girls or White girls, but they don't talk about how Black women prefer light-skinned boys and that they only start to feel luckier to have him if a brotha is one of those types, you know, the mixed brotha with the light skin and the fine hair. I can tell you stories about the number of times I've been rejected by a Black girl because I don't have the right color skin or enough natural wave in my hair. A man can get tired of that, and can you really blame a Black man for appreciating White women more than Black women? White women who date Black men don't have that hang-up the Black women suffer from. They don't pick you for being light and having wave in your hair. They don't make you feel like you're the one that's lucky to have them. Men like to feel worthy in their woman's eyes. They like to feel like their woman is proud to be with them. No man, Black White or whatever wants to be with a woman who's going to make him feel like he's nothing and like she's just with settling for him until something better comes along."

"I admit that I started dating White girls because I got tired of the attitudes of Black girls," says Sean from Atlanta, Georgia. "It started to feel like dating my mother having these girls complaining all the time, making demands on my time and my money but giving me nothing but grief. Black girls are too critical, too picky, too demanding and too controlling for me. I don't like any girl making me feel like a little boy who'd better not talk back to his mother."

Christopher from Brooklyn, New York dates White women only because "That's what I'm attracted to and I'm not going to apologize for it or try to break it down and analyze it and get all deep down into the roots of it because it really doesn't need all of that examining. It is what it is. I only date White women and anyone who has a problem with that will just have to keep right on bitching about it to themselves. I'm don't have to justify my choice to anyone, not to my mother, not to my sister, not to any of my girlfriends fathers or brothers. People who continue to talk about interracial dating this and interracial dating that need to get on with life. Stop focussing on things that mean nothing and look around them at the millions of people dying every day from AIDS, natural disaters, war. Worry about serious s**t like that instead."

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