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Interracial Dating -- Master Slave Role Play
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
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There are some Black females who find the idea of being sexually dominated by a White male stimulating. There are also some White males who find the idea of making a sex slave of a Black female stimulating. But what are the implications when a Black female agrees to engage in a sexual "master-slave" relationship with a White male? Is master-slave roleplay between White men and Black women harmless, or are there deeper issues that lie at the heart of a White male's desire to be treated like the Master of a Black female, and the Black females desire to serve the White male as a slave?

Sexual roleplaying is described by as being "the sexual behavior of playing some kind of character during a sexual encounter, in order to evoke a sexual fantasy in oneself and/or one's partner."

Ordinary couples engage in sexual roleplay, including master-slave roleplay. This includes same race couples, interracial black male white female couples, homosexual couples and the like. There is generally not thought to be any harm in sexual roleplaying between consenting adults; however, master-slave sexual roleplay between Black females and White males is construed by some to be evidence of the White male's impression that Black females have no worth except as that of a slave and that being a White male he is entitled to be served by the Black female. (See The Soiling of The Black Woman)

In the case of the Black female who consents to engage in master-slave roleplay with a White male, some suggest that an inferiority complex--a psychological consequence of slavery--lies at the root of this desire to serve a White master. The Black female who agrees to serve a White male sexually believes, like the White male, that her purpose is to serve and that her true master is the White man.

Is a Black woman who engages in master-slave roleplay with a White man degrading herself and all Black women? Share your opinion by clicking the "Add Comment" link.

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