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Observations on interracial dating -- White women/Black Men
Friday, July 21, 2006
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Here are a couple of comments on interracial dating that have been emailed to me. These are in reference to relationships between white women and black men. **Note that these are viewer submitted comments and do not express the views of

I know a white woman who dates Black men but hates Black people in general. She dates Black men because, as she has admitted herself, her Black boyfriends have always treated her like she's the best thing that ever happened to them. She likes that feeling of being put on a pedestal, of being with a man who thinks that because she's White she's better than he is and that he's lucky to have her.

I always wonder with that kind of mentality, what kind of psychological complex children she has with black men will grow up with, particularly daughters who will be considered Black women in the eyes of the rest of the world. If she has this attitude and passes on this message to her daughters, whether she does it consciously or not, that White is better than Black, how can her daughters grow up secure with high self-esteem, knowing that, even though their mother is White, their father is Black, and because their father is Black the world will see them as Black, with the idea in their minds that a White woman is more special, how can they ever feel confident of their worth?

And how does a woman who hates Black people raise children who are part-Black without teaching those children to hate the Black part of themselves? And how does it benefit those children to grow up hating the Black part of themselves? How can interracial dating in a case like this be considered a good thing? Maria, Ohio

I was watching an old episode of Law & Order where a Black dude was killed by his White girlfriend. I found the episode very interesting for a number of reasons. Here's a Black guy who decides to break up with this White girl because she's pretty much hiding him in the closet so her family and friends won't know she's dating Black. She gets angry that he'll dare try to break up with her. She kills him. But what I found most interesting was a comment made by one of her friends who was being questioned by the DA. She said something to the effect that Black men are obsessed with White women and are always chasing after White women willing to rape them if that's what it takes to get a taste.

As a Black man who dates White women, I would actually have to agree that Black men are kind of obssessed with white women. It's like more and more Black men are chasing down White women not for any other reason but that they are White and they want a White woman because a White woman is the new status symbol, like the gold tooth was at one point. I actually find this offensive to White and Black women both for varying reasons of course. You have your thugs going around thinking because they see some White women with Black men they can get in on the action. They go chasing after the wrong White women and cause problem for the rest of us by perpetuating the stereotypes that Black men are all ignorant, uneducated thugs. Byron, Brooklyn

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