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Foreigners Vie to Adopt Black US Babies
Friday, July 07, 2006
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Apparently White foreigners are adopting Black US babies where White US citizen's are quoted to make such comments as "I'll take anything but an African-American child". Some people tend to prefer to point to the increase in the number of interracial couples in America as evidence of improvement in attitudes about race; however, a successful relationship between an Black man and a White woman or a Black woman and a White man does not prove that attitudes about race and Black inferiority have in any way changed. This ABC piece about White attitudes towards the idea of adopting Black babies in the US speaks volumes:

The following are passages from an ABC news original report.

The State Department says the number of Americans adopting babies from overseas has more than doubled in the last 10 years, with couples often citing a dearth of American babies.

But there are plenty of American babies who need homes African-American babies. And more and more of those children are finding homes abroad, especially in Canada, according to people who work in the U.S. adoption field.

"I just don't understand why American couples go to China and Romania and places like that," Stroud said, "when they have kids in their own back yards."

Margaret Fleming, who runs Adoption Link, a service in Chicago specializing in placing African-American babies, said the group in recent years has placed Ethan and more than 700 children many of them with overseas families in Germany, Switzerland, England and Canada.

For every Caucasian child in the United States, there are at least 200 families in line, waiting two to three times as long as they would if they adopted a black baby, according to Adoption Link.

"At the very top of the adoption hierarchy are white, blue-eyed, blond-haired girls," Fleming said. "And unfortunately, at the very bottom of the hierarchy are African-American boys."

Arranging transracial adoptions was made more difficult in 1972, Fleming said, when the National Association of Black Social Workers declared placing black children with white families a form of "cultural genocide."

"I think the power of that statement has decreased markedly only of late," Fleming said. "We've had some families tell us, 'I didn't know I could adopt a black child.' "

But there seems to be more than lack of awareness on the part of some prospective white American parents.

"A main reason a lot of times is racism, frankly," said Michelle Hughes, an adoption attorney who, as head of Bridge Communications, counsels parents adopting across racial lines. "Parents will actually say, 'I'll take anything but an African-American child.'

"The truth of the matter is that a lot of the other countries are perhaps not as racist," she said. "And you have white parents [from other countries] coming here to get black kids on a regular basis."

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