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Profiles of White men who prefer Black women
Friday, July 07, 2006
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I was once acquainted with a lawyer in New York who, in his own words, "prefers Black women". This comment was made in reference to his sexual preference. This White male was married. His wife was White. He had never, to my knowledge, been in a relationship with a Black woman that wasn't entirely sexual in nature.

Another White gentleman with whom I've been acquainted has made a similar comment. However, he was not speaking specifically about his sexual preference. This gentleman is divorced. His former wife was Black. His girlfriends prior to his marriage were Black. The women he has dated since his divorce have been Black.

These two White males differ in the nature of their preference of Black women. One sees the Black woman as a sex object. The other sees the Black woman as his soul mate. One limits his interest in Black women to those who can please him sexually. The other looks for the kind of compatibility that we look for in someone we would want to spend the rest of our lives with. One might have reservations about being seen in the company of a Black woman by his friends and family. The other's friends and family know that his woman is Black and that he will sooner terminate his friendships and relationships with them than insult his woman's diginity by trying to hide the fact that he is involved with her. One thinks that he enhances the Black woman. The other thinks that the Black woman enhances him.

It is becoming almost trendy for White men to date Black women nowadays. But what I am finding the more I research is that more of the White men who are dating Black women fit the first profile than the second. Impressions of Black women are changing in large part due to the hip hop culture and music videos, but the change is not necessarily for the better. White male interest in Black women as sex objects is on the rise because of the portrayal of young Black women as "freaks" who will do anything to please sexually. And with the majority of the Black women in music videos fitting the widely accepted standards of beauty, a great many of them multi-ethnic but still regarded Black, more White men are becoming willing to date Black women because they are seeing beautiful Black women in music videos who, on top of being beautiful, are also so-called "freaks", and they buy into the new stereotype thinking that all Black women are like the ones in the music videos. These White men generally are not looking for Black women to marry and start families with, but just looking to have a little fun and excitement.

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